Reticent Warriors Tactics trains officers on the Gulf Coast

Reticent Warriors Tactics, a company based out of Savannah, Georgia, came to the Coast to help law enforcement improve and advance their skillsets.

The courses and seminars teach mindset, shooting skills, and tactics that work in the real world. For the last two days, Bay St. Louis Police Department practiced fundamentals of patrol and tactical rifles and then will move forward starting tomorrow to advance tactical rifle training.

The goal is to help law enforcement perform better and become more accountable as an operator and shooter.

The training lasts a week with six to 12 officers in a class. Reticent Warriors Tactics Owner/Director Vann Winn said, “Most law enforcement officers are not well enough trained. City budgets, county budgets just are not enough. They are trying to do more with less constantly. So, being able to come out here and put on this training for these guys in huge.”

Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz said, “One of my primary functions was to bring training to the department and actually host training. We have several training events lined up through the spring.”

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