Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Program is Helping Fix Katrina Damage in Biloxi

It’s almost been a decade since Katrina and massive work is still underway to repair infrastructure damage in the city of Biloxi.
Orange barrels, cones and detour signs are a common sight in central Biloxi as repairs to the city’s sewer, storm drainage and water systems continue.
When complete, more than 100 miles of city streets will be affected. Much of the work is now concentrated north of the railroad tracks in Biloxi, a heavily travelled area by both residents and tourists.
While the on-going work has caused some delays and detours, city leaders say it will be well worth it in the long run.
“While it takes 1100 days to do some of this work, it’s the kind of thing that it seems as if it’s not moving very fast, but it’s big, deep work, but once it’s in, while it’s inconvenient and it’s dusty and it’s bumpy now, you’re talking about an infrastructure system that’s set up for the next 50 to75 years,” said Marvin Dalla Rosa, program manager at HNTB Corporation.
The $355 million project is funded by FEMA and expected to be complete in late 2018.

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