Restaurant Tax Goes To Vote Once Again Pascagoula

Soon the people of Pascagoula will be heading to the polls again to vote for or against a two percent restaurant tax which is meant to generate funds for recreational programs in the city. News 25’s Hank Davis has more on the story.
On November 1st, a week before polls open for the presidential election, the residents of Pascagoula will have the chance to vote for or against a two percent restaurant tax for the second time. The purpose of this tax referendum will be to raise funds to improve recreational programs in Pascagoula. Paul Delcambre with Bozo’s Seafood said, “We need to get the community behind us. First off, we need to upgrade all of our facilities around here for these younger kids. These facilities ain’t like they were when I was a kid. All the other facilities along the Coast from Gulfport to Pass Christian and so forth are so far ahead of us. It’s unreal.”
Multiple restaurants, the city and many citizens are joining together. They feel that this tax will help the city without hurting anyone’s pocket. Pascagoula resident Leon Tingle said, “No problem. No problem. It’s not an issue, not with me. Everything is really deteriorating. It needs to be revamped.”
The last voter turnout was small, but this time the S.O.A.R. Committee, a name that stands for Saving our Recreation and Athletics, wants to see voters packing the polls. Larry Hawkins with the S.O.A.R Committee said, “One of the things that happened the last time, constituents were misinformed. They were told it was going to make increases in their property tax. It will not increase your property tax. It’s a tax that’s passed through the restaurants. We have a collaborative effort between the SOAR Committee, the City of Pascagoula, and we also have restaurants that are actually on board supporting this because they understand that it does not cost their business anything to collect this tax and pass it on to the city for improvements of the recreational facilities.”

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