Respiratory Care Week honors RC workers

Respiratory Care has been crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, RC workers have been getting extra appreciation due to it being Respiratory Care Week.

Respiratory Care Week is a week filled with care and attention solely on the sacrifices respiratory therapists have made.

This year’s theme is ‘Respiratory Therapists: Resilience, Strength, Hope.’

This theme symbolizes the sacrifices these workers have had to make during the pandemic and are still making to this day.

Some have worked hours away from their family, risked their health, and even lost their own lives in the fight against COVID. Memorial Hospital Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician Bobby Tullos said, “It’s been a blessing to work with such an outstanding care team who has often times been at the bedside praying with our patients before we put them on a ventilator, who are those who help them get off ventilators and coach them through it, who motivate them when it’s time to finally get out of bed.”

Memorial Hospital continues to recommend getting testing for COVID-19 if you are experiencing any COVID-19 related respiratory symptoms such as coughs or shortness of breath.

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