Residents respond to Harrison County nativity scene

Harrison County now faces a possible lawsuit, a lawsuit stemming from a tiny baby lying in a manger. Local residents says it’s unbelievable.


"Insanity. Stupid. And, I think we need to get off our rear ends and raise some cane, because that’s just crazy," says James Harrell, a Christian. He says believes our founding fathers built this nation with God in mind.


News 25 reached out to one local atheist who says the nativity scene should come down, because it’s exclusive of other religions and groups of people who also live in Harrison County.


So if the roles were reversed, and another religion’s symbol stood in the courthouse, would Christians be as outraged? Harrell says it’s not a problem.


"If the atheist wants to put one there, let them. What do I care? Let whoever put whatever scene up there. It’s okay.”


Fellow resident, Eddie Smith, agrees. "Cause of the nature of what we believe in. We don’t try to do an eye for an eye or a tooth for tooth."


But Harrison County resident, Michael Michel, who grew up Catholic, says he’s okay with seeing the scene come down.


“You took the prayers out of the school, because you don’t want to mix state and religion. Okay fine. Then take the nativity scene out of the courthouse, because you’re mixing state and religion. It don’t matter whose religion or what religion. Don’t mix them."

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