Residents Raise Money to Replace Street Signs in Wiggins

The street signs in Wiggins have never quite looked the same since Hurricane Katrina. The Citizens Committed Campaign is now trying to raise $75,000 to purchase updated street signs.

Suzy Guthrie has lived in Wiggins all of her life and is proud of where she comes from. That’s why she has volunteered to help raise money to replace old street signs damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Guthrie says, "Just after Katrina, things, everything got knocked down and it was hard to even recognize points even if you knew where you were. Things didn’t look right."

So far, residents have raised $100,000 to replace signs downtown, but the local Neighborhood Watch organization in charge says the project is nowhere near finished. Douglas Smith with the Neighborhood Watch says, "We think by getting another 100 signs, we can finish signage within the city limits."

Each sign costs around $800, but residents say the project is worth every penny because of its safety and beautification benefits. Smith also says, "It’s been a tremendous help with the 911 and police department, fire department, and also people that come out of town to be able to find places."

Guthrie also says, "I personally think it’s important for things to look good and well-kept because it lets everyone know, especially passing through, that people here care."

The Citizens Committed Campaign group still needs $75,000 to fund the rest of the project. That’s why they are hosting a fundraiser at the United Methodist Church in Wiggins. Smith closes, "We want as many people to come as possible. We’re gonna’ have a good meal, some entertainment from local groups, the high school choir."

At the end of the event, the citizens will hold a roast of Allan Walters, the man who originally started the street sign project. The street sign project kick off event will begin at 6:30 p.m. on September 9th. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10.

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