Residents make their case over Ocean Springs annexation

In Jackson County, the people wanting to annex parcels of land to bring them into the city of Ocean Springs were in court today.

City and county leaders, as well as residents affected by the potential annexation, showed up today to make their case.

At stake in the annexation proposal is Ocean Springs’ desire to annex two parcels of land on the eastern edge of the current city limits, taking an additional 1500 residents and adding Ocean Springs High School to the city limits.

Eric Camp, a resident of the potential annexation, says the annex serves no benefit.

“We don’t want this annexation. we like our way of life,” Camp said. “We don’t want higher taxes. There’s really no benefit for the residents that are in the potential annexation areas.”

The next annexation hearing will take place September 15 at 1:30 PM.

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