Residents gathered at Jones Park for the ‘Protest for Peace’

On Sunday, many gathered at Jones Park for the second weekend in a row to protest for peace and shed light on racial injustice.

The protest was led by D’Laun Ball, a social activist and event organizer here on the Gulf Coast. Attendees were encouraged to register to vote and sign petitions.

The mic was also open to anyone who wanted to share their experiences or encounters with racism. Several people stepped up and shared their stories. Protester Kevin Robert Bonner said, “I think it helped us move the story forward. It helps us understand exactly what is going on and what we have to overcome. The problem, to be quite frank, is racism, white supremacy, and white privilege. We can pretend it doesn’t exist, we can act like it doesn’t exist, but we’re fooling ourselves if we do.”

Meetings to discuss racial injustice and how to help will be held every second and fourth Saturdays at Jones Park.

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