Reports of shots fired in Harrison County

A report of shots fired occurred around 5:45 this afternoon in Harrison County.
According to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, it happened on 73rd Avenue in the Canal Point Apartment neighborhood. Officials say they believe an altercation occurred in one of the apartments and were told by neighbors that they heard gun fire in the area, but no one was shot. While searching the residence they found shell casings, but everything is still under investigation.
Neighbors tell News 25 these types of violent acts are hitting too close to home. Neighbor Carmel Martin said, “Yea, it’s right close to home. It’s right close to us, know what I’m saying? I got grandbabies in here. I got my kids. It’s scary. It’s got my nerves bad. I don’t think I can do this much longer. It’s just sad. Thank God because we thought they was coming up in here. We don’t need none of that.”
Martin explains she is thankful that no one was hurt, but fears violence is constantly growing throughout the community.

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