Reported threat at Biloxi High School

Schools have been on high alert lately with threats and rumors circulating around the Coast.
A reported threat was found false at Biloxi High School, but before authorities deemed the school safe, it caused a scare.
Biloxi School District officials tell News 25 they want to thank parents and students that originally reported the threat and just like many others in schools around the nation they are not taking any chances.
The Biloxi Police Department received reports of a possible threat made to Biloxi High School via social media Thursday. During an investigation police determined the threat actually occurred weeks earlier in Balen, New Mexico and the initial post resurfaced.
Although, the school was cleared for students to resume class as normal today. Parents are still concerned. A father picking up his daughter at Biloxi High School tells News 25 when the alert was sent out about the threat his daughter said she was scared.
There have not been any threats made by anyone in reference to Biloxi High School, but additional police officers will be visible on campus as a preventative measure to ensure safety.

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