Rep. Palazzo speaks on Mississippi infrastructure

Mississippi Congressman Steven Palazzo was in Gulfport today explaining the pros and cons of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill recently passed by the Senate.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed with bipartisan support in the Senate and would allocate about $4.46 billion to Mississippi.

About $3.3 billion will go toward Mississippi roads and a couple hundred million for bridges.

Rep. Palazzo hopes the bill will be amended by the House to make subtle changes including allocating more than one-third of the bill to what he calls ‘traditional’ roads, bridges, ports, and harbors, airports, and railroads.

Palazzo spoke to construction contractors about the importance of their work and the stable well-paying jobs available to Mississippians. “I know in the past they create a lot of jobs. They’re American jobs too and these are people that are going to be out. They’re making a good living doing things like building bridges, building roads, dredging our ports and harbors, our levees, our locks. Everything that you can think of. You have to have a good solid sound infrastructure to have a strong economy.”

The ability to improve Mississippi’s infrastructure improves Mississippian’s way of life and makes us a competitive state across the country, according to Palazzo.

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