Renovations for USM’s Gulf Park Campus

The facade of USM’s Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach is getting a bit of a facelift.
If you travel along Highway 90 in Long Beach, USM’s Gulf Park Campus may be a little hard to see from the road, but that’s all changing with new renovations being made at the university.
The current construction project will increase access and visibility to the campus along HWY 90, with a new turning lane and brand new signs. During construction, the entrance to the campus from HWY 90 will be closed to traffic for about four weeks but marked detours will be available.
Dr. Steve Miller, vice president of USM Gulf Park, said, “We’re very excited about this because number one, not only is it beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s really a nice new waypoint for visibility for folks coming in from the beach all across the Coast. So, it really gives the university a really nice, new look and feel.”
The new turning lane will positively impact traffic flow between HWY 90 and Beach Park Place.

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