Renovated park coming to Soria City neighborhood in Gulfport

The City of Gulfport is preparing for the summer. On Bullis Avenue and 20th Street a renovated splash pad and enclosed basketball court are coming to the Soria City neighborhood.

The park is expected to be finished by the end of May if weather permits.

The City of Gulfport wants kids to be able to enjoy the state-of-the-art splash pad for the summer months.

The City of Gulfport and Harrison County are working together to complete the project. Construction is still underway as proper plumbing, water, and lights are installed. Gulfport Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines said, “They have waited for this park for such a long time and with Supervisor Jones and the City of Gulfport leisure services, we are going to get it done. Community impact is going to be huge. They used to have the Willie Locke Center and I’m hoping they can get that center back, but in the interim with as hot as it is on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a splash pad is ideal for children. It’s safe.”

Harrison County has invested between 20 and 30 thousand dollars into the park for the community to enjoy.

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