Renew our Rivers Campaign

There’s power in numbers. Workers with several Coast power companies and other South Mississippi businesses hit the waters of the lower Pascagoula River today in a combined effort to renew our rivers.

Power lines overhead, the sparkling Pascagoula River below, workers from several South Mississippi power companies and other local businesses all on board for the same mission: to renew our rivers.

This trip marked new territory for the Renew our Rivers cleanup program, branching out into parts of the lower Pascagoula River. Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said, “We usually work on the Upper Pascagoula area, kind of north of I-10, but today we’re working between I-10 and Highway 90, along Gautier and Moss Point. We’re really excited to be focusing on this area.”

Patti Rachal has worked at Mississippi Power for 26 years. Like some volunteers, she traded her keyboard for trash clamps and garbage bags, well equipped for the task at hand. “We have some grabbers to pick up our trash, some gloves in my back pocket and some bags provided by the Renew our Rivers Foundation. I am on a mission. I’m looking for garbage out here. We want to eradicate it.”

Spearheaded by Mississippi Power in 2005, the Renew our Rivers program has picked up momentum over the years with more volunteers and organizations lending a helping hand. “It started out with one clean up before Hurricane Katrina. Starting this year’s campaign, we’ve cleaned up more than 360 tons of debris from South Mississippi to Meridian,”said Shepard.

Singing River Electric Public Relations Manager Lorri Freeman said, “We want to raise awareness to these community events, the conservation efforts. We want to make sure that our Gautier and surrounding areas are left as beautiful as we found them.”

They certainly left the area cleaner than they found it with 56 volunteers removing 2,000 pounds of trash and debris in just a few hours.

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