Remembering the Fallen at the Vietnam Memorial in Ocean Springs

Today, veterans, first responders, and the public came together in Ocean Springs to remember our fallen American heroes.

Many people use this holiday as a day of rest, but it wouldn’t be that if not for all of those who died for the U.S. on foreign soil.

More than ten percent of Mississippians, about 200,000 men, served in the Vietnam War. A total of 637 Mississippians were killed in action and 12 are reported missing in action.

Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King is an Air Force Veteran of the Vietnam War and he was there this morning to tell News 25 his thoughts on ceremonies like this. “Well. I think it’s great support. A lot of people were here. The community certainly supported it and we’re very much appreciative. Unlike in ’68 and ’69 when people were anti-politics, anti-Vietnam and anti-soldier and everything else. But look, these people are pro-veteran and pro-military, and it’s very much appreciated. And as an ex-veteran, a veteran, I just very much appreciate all the people who came up thanking us for our service.”

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