Remembering Sophia Myers

Many of our viewers might remember Sophia Myers, the young girl who died of a rare form of childhood cancer a few years ago. Her father is making sure her community will never forget her.

A life gone too soon will be memorialized with a statue in Ocean Springs. Sophia Myers died in 2017 after an eight-month battle with a rare cancer known as DIPG. “After Sophia passed away, I was trying to think of something, I guess the dark part of that was I wanted Sophia back, and I thought what can I do to touch her and hold her?”

Sophia’s father, Joshua Myers, had this statue made in Sophia’s honor. It is on display at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center. He chose this place because of how the Ocean Springs community sprang into action and helped his family during their time of need. “Going to the hospitals, flying all over the country, you know, it is stressful and it is sad. We could never have done it. They raised money for us, more money than we could ever imagine. There are so many things you never want to think of, funeral costs, the radiation, just horrible stuff. I tell people every day that if it wasn’t for Ocean Springs I don’t know what we would have done.”

But Joshua says this statue isn’t only about his little girl, he hopes it can be a symbol for all the children who have had to fight pediatric cancer. “I wanted something that would represent all of the children who died of pediatric cancer. We have had three on the Coast with DIPG and there are others all over the nation and Gulf Coast. I didn’t want to make this to just be about Sophia.”

If you would like to donate you can search ‘SoSo Strong Pediatric Brian Tumor Foundation’ on Facebook. “There is not a lot I can do anymore. Sophia is gone. I can’t bring her back so it feels good to be able to give back to the surrounding area and you bring awareness to DIPG and pediatric cancer.”

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