Remembering Robert Ivey

Family and friends are mourning the loss of 22-year-old Robert Ivey. Last week he was killed while putting gas in his pick-up truck on the side of the interstate in Pass Christian.
Robert’s girlfriend is from Biloxi and was involved in the accident that night. She survived. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson sat down with her.
Even after his death, Sable Mayberry calls 22-year-old Robert Ivey her soul mate. The love between them strong as ever since the two met four years ago. “He said, ‘I’m really glad I got to hold your hand. I didn’t expect it. I said, ‘me, too. I was really nervous, but I’m glad that I did it.’”
Robert was killed by a vehicle on Interstate 10 in Pass Christian on March 19th. Robert ran out of gas and pulled over just east of the exit for Menge Avenue to fill up. It was then authorities say he was hit by a drunk driver. The driver, Sable says also hit her red car that was pulled over behind him. “Next thing I know, I get hit by a car and I go spinning.”
Sable survived the three car crash with barely a scratch. Robert died instantly at the scene. That terrible night on the interstate was the last time Sable saw her boyfriend, the two spent almost every day together. “He didn’t know the word selfish at all. He helped anyone that he saw, but always had the worst luck, but nothing really stopped him from being the person that he is.”
Robert use to go to school at Long Beach High School. He was working as a mechanic in Louisiana. Sable says although his family is hurting right now, they’re managing to stay strong, a quality that she says Robert shared too. “Right now, I don’t know how to feel or how I should feel, but right now I have to be the best person I can be because that’s what he saw in me.”
Sable’s choice to carry on their love and her dreams because she says that’s what Robert would want. “Even though he’s not here, I’m doing everything to make him proud.”

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