Remembering Nicholas Pittman

Jackson County Sheriff’s investigators are continuing to look for a suspect in a domestic related fatal shooting that happened Saturday afternoon.

Deputies found 36-year-old Nicholas Pittman deceased at a home on Theriot Avenue near Latimer. Sheriff Mike Ezell says Pittman went to the home to pick up his son, who lives there with his mother and Brown.

The two men argued, and Brown allegedly shot Pittman. Brown was gone before deputies got to the house. They searched the area on foot using a K9.

Thirty-year-old Christopher Jerome Brown is wanted for the murder of Nicholas Darnell Pittman. A murder warrant was issued for Brown.

If you have information on Brown’s whereabouts, call the sheriff’s department at 228-769-3036.

News 25’s Lorraine Weiskopf spoke with Nicholas Pittman’s heartbroken family today.

“He was the protector, the provider, the strength to our family. He was the epitome of a family man.” That was Codero Pittman, the younger brother of Nicholas Pittman. “To know him was to love him and that is Nicholas to know him was to love him. At this time, it shows how much he impacted the community and the community loves him as well.”

Nicholas leaves behind a son, who was at the house where the murder occurred. “My nephew is shattered. Heartbroken to see that particular situation in front of his eyes, it broke him.”

Now, all they can do is wait for justice to be served. “We just pray for peace. We know that God has the last say so and we know that he will avenge at this time.”

The family would like to remind those to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. “Life is like vapor. You can be here today and be gone today. Be that person that loves on your children, your family, because we don’t know the last time we will see our loved ones. So, it’s imperative that we love on one another.”

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