Remembering Keli Mornay

Sunday morning around 3:45 a.m., Biloxi Police responded to a 911 call on South Shore Drive for a domestic related incident.

Once on scene, officers found 34-year-old Keli Mornay and 44-year-old Byrain Johnson dead from gunshot wounds, along with their seven-month-old infant son, Brixx, who was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and later succumbed to his injuries.

Alliyano Orozzo, Mornay’s eldest son, said, “Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous. She was the best.”

Mornay’s mother, Renata Patterson said, “She was very loving and that drew people to her she was like a magnet.”

Daughter and mother-of-three, Keli Gabrielle Mornay was a bright light for her family and everyone she met.

Mornay moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2017 with her two sons, Alliyano and Diovanni Orozzo, and just seven months ago welcomed her third son, Brixx. “She loved, loved, loves her boys. And she would do anything– really anything for them.”

“Laughing with my mom was the best thing I could do with my mom. And whether that would be with the whole family or just us two talking. It was the best.”

Mornay had developed a passion for event planning and was just a week away from getting her real estate license. Patterson says her daughter made it a priority to have jobs in which she could manage her own schedule to maximize time with her sons. “That’s where her life was headed and she was excited about what was coming and things were like I said starting to pick up and looking good. She was getting super excited about the future ahead had in store.”

Patterson always told her daughter she had the name of a star and one day it will be in lights. Now, Patterson hopes Mornay’s name will shine light on and help eradicate domestic violence. Mornay’s stepfather Robert Patterson said, “I can’t describe this type of a pain. When it hits you all of a sudden– this is something that you see on TV somewhere else, somebody else. If there’s any father out there that’s got a daughter, we’re supposed to protect our women. We are.”

Those final moments with his mother and his youngest brother are moments Orozzo will never forget. “The last thing I said to him or got to do with him was kiss him all up on his neck and he was just laughing. And then he went to sleep. Yeah, it was nice to have another little brother. She told me she was proud of me. I’m sorry– She told me that she was proud of me and I’m just so thankful she got to tell me one of those things as the last thing she told me.”

Memorial services for Mornay will be held on Monday, June 14th starting at 8 a.m. at Corpus Christi Epiphany Catholic Church in New Orleans.

To donate to the Keli Gabrielle Mornay Education Fund to help assist with outstanding expenses including education and grief counseling for Mornay’s two sons Alliyano and Diovanni click here.

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