We Remember: Paying Tribute to Our Wildland Firefighters

Now is as good a time as any to remind everyone to make sure you keep a close eye on the debris and vegetation you burn in your yard, especially around this time year with conditions ripe for sparking a brush or wildfire.

Over the past few years, South Mississippi firefighters have battled several wild fires, fighting to save people, homes and businesses from the smoke and flames. Mississippi Forestry Commission state forester Russel Bozeman warns that wild fires are “one of the most destructive forces on the planet.” Safety is the priority among the MFC. As such, MFC firefighters are trained extensively to ensure their response to a wildfire is not only quick and efficient, but safe above all else.

On Sunday, the Mississippi Forestry Commission joins the U.S. Forest Service and other organizations across the country in recognizing these heroes in Mississippi and beyond through Wildland Firefighters Remembrance Week from June 30 to July 6.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission has lost one employee who died from injuries while fighting a wildfire in Webster county back in 2000.


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