Senate Passes Religious Freedom Bill

The Mississippi senate passes a bill that says government employees and private business people could cite religious beliefs to refuse licenses or other services for same-sex couples who want to marry.

The bill also says the state could not punish businesses that refuse to sell goods or services to same-sex couples.

It also protects religious groups that refuse to let gay or lesbian people be foster or adoptive parents.

After passing the senate by a large majority it will now move back to the house for final debate.

Lieutenant Governor released this statement in response quote

“In the wake of last year’s US Supreme Court decision, many Mississippians, including pastors, wanted protection to exercise their religious liberties.  This bill simply protects those individuals from government interference when practicing their religious beliefs.”

Meantime the American Civil Liberties Union has this to say, quote:

“The ACLU of MS believes that all people are free to follow and practice their faith or no faith at all without government influence or interference, and that the government remains completely neutral regarding matters of religion and belief.

When we seek to codify discriminatory legislation, we tarnish the treasure of religious freedom and the highest ideals of our democracy.  Legislators have gone out of their way to stigmatize and marginalize same sex couples by pushing this legislation.”

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