Relief at the Pumps as Gas Prices Fall for Fall!

One thing we’re sure everybody is happy about are the prices at the pump. Nationally, and especially in south Mississippi, we’ve been seeing a steady decline in prices for quite some time.

Right now, the current average on the Coast is $2.91 per gallon, which is 20 cents lower than the national average. Although, along Highway 49 in Gulfport, prices ring in around $2.81 and the lowest we’ve seen is $2.79 per gallon.

Jarvis Jordan, a Long Beach resident, says, “You know, I have a motorcycle, so it saves me switching from my car to my bike. I can fill up for cheap.”

Demarios Vinson, a Gulfport resident, says, “The gas prices are a good look right now. They’re low. Hopefully they’ll get lower in the future. It’s great compared to what they used to be.”

According to AAA, this is the lowest gas prices have been for this time of year since 2010.

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