‘Release the Rage’ rage room now open in Gulfport

Are you feeling stressed and anxious or are just looking for something different to do this weekend? Well, Gulfport’s ‘Release the Rage’ could be the answer to both.

The Gulf Coast’s only Rage Room officially reopened under the name ‘Release the Rage,’ but what exactly is a rage room? Manager Khalil Bijou explains. “We have a rage room where you can come in and break stuff, relieve stress and get it all out in a safe environment. You have your gear on and everything so you’re fully protected. We have music and you can come in and listen to what you want to listen to. We’ll get a playlist going or you can select what you want to listen to.”

Rage sessions last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes and are prepped with bats, balls, bricks, and more to maximize damage. Bijou says all things breakable are courtesy of Release the Rage’s owner who also operates a junk removal and hauling business. “The guy that I am business partners with, Jermaine Moore, owns a J-Dog in Slidell and we run jobs out there all the time. We get a lot of things we can break. So instead of just throwing it all away, we decided we would just try and make a rage room and get something going out of it.”

Co-Manager Bryce Darby says so many customers are happy to have the rage room back. Darby has participated in a few sessions and says it is a blast. “Honestly just watching stuff explode is usually pretty fun for me. I like throwing stuff through the glass and windows. It’s more fun just to throw it as hard as you want and break stuff when you have no consequences. We do all the cleaning. You just come in and smash and have a good time. ”

Sessions start at $25. Release the Rage is located on Pass Road and is open Monday through Sunday and is by appointment only due to COVID.

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