Rehabilitated Eagle Takes to the Skies Again

Nine months after flying into a distribution line in Biloxi, an eagle named Canaan is back flying the friendly skies. She was successfully released at 8 a.m. on Dec. 18th at Wild at Heart rescue in Vancleave.

Wild at Heart owners Doug and Missy Dubuisson have cared for Canaan, named after the man who first found him after the accident. Doug happened to be eating lunch in east Biloxi when he got a call about an injured eagle. He rushed to scene and immediately began caring for the bird.

“Canaan’s suffered soft tissue damage to her left wing,” Dubuisson said. “She was given medications used to alleviate the damage. Daily physical therapy was provided to keep her muscles from atrophy.”

Dubuisson added that Canaan’s family flew over as they provided her emergency triage at Hard Rock and continued to monitor her progress by circling her enclosure in Vancleave.

“She has been the perfect patient. She has been off the meds now long enough to assure they are no longer needed and she is ready to join her family, in the wild where she belongs.”

In compliance with the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Mississippi Power’s Avian Protection Plan details procedures the company takes when dealing with dead or injured birds that may have been injured by the company’s electrical equipment.

“We’ve developed a great working relationship with Wild at Heart in 2014 because its primary goal is to rehabilitate these birds and release them back into their natural environs,” Patrick Chubb, Senior Environmental Specialist, said. “They are fully licensed and permitted and have provided excellent care for Canaan.”

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