Recovery Progressing Quickly at William Carey University

January 21st a tornado tore through William Carey University’s Hattiesburg campus, destroying nearly everything in its path.
In less than two weeks, the electricity has been turned back on in several buildings, students have resumed classes either online on in spare classrooms at USM. Spring registration is continuing and the university is looking to reopen several academic buildings and six residential halls by the start of the spring trimester February 20th. WCU Vice President and Provost Dr. Scott Hummel said, “So every building that can receive power now has power and even as I look around at how very quickly they’ve repaired windows, glass going back into windows. To be honest if you had asked where we would be a week ago, I would have not thought at all that we would be at this state of progress.”
Plans for reconstruction of the two residential halls and several other buildings that were a total loss are already in the works.

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