Record Store Day celebrated today

While some people stood in line early for electronics, clothes, and gaming systems, others were in line to score an exclusive album.

Record Store Day is a day to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record stores like Marley’s Music.

The official Record Store Day is actually in April, but each Black Friday record stores host an additional Record Store Day Black Friday Edition to give people a change to score new or reissued records.

A list of records in published each year and independent record stores can order from the exclusive list.

“Along with all of our Record Store Day exclusives we are having discounts on all non-Record Store Day items like used vinyl, new non-Record Store Day vinyl,” said Marley Roberts, the owner of the store.  “We have half off on all of our CDs and its been a really, really cool time trying to get stuff to move”

Marley’s Music will be doing a Record Store Day auction to provide those who couldn’t make it today with an opportunity to score some records.

That auction begins at 7 PM tomorrow night.

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