Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Back in December, News 25 told you about a  local principal who was traveling to Puerto Rico to help rebuild a school. Now, he is back and sharing his life changing experience.

Popp’s Ferry Elementary School Principal Todd Boucher was selected to help rebuild a school in Puerto Rico that was damaged in Hurricane Maria.

The students at Popp’s Ferry rallied behind their principal to raise $1,800 for building supplies and they also donated a suitcase full of school supplies for the students in Puerto Rico.

Boucher said the trip went better than he could have ever imagined. “We did a lot of work. I was amazed. As a matter of fact, they gave us a specific number of jobs we would do when we got there and as a team we really worked together well and they had to keep finding new jobs for us because they didn’t expect us to finish as much as we did, but we got a lot done. We finished tearing down some old structures and buildings that were damaged. We built some walls. We chopped some trees down. There was just a lot that we did.”

The mission trip lasted about one week.

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