Real Estate Expert Heads Local Event

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a person makes. How can the realtor make it easier? That was the question answered today in Biloxi.
Nationally known speaker and Exit Reality CEO Tami Bonnell gave her industry insider tips to those interested in the field. She spoke about the importance of marketing and communication between potential homeowners.
Bonnell tells News 25 with the world so dependent on technology, the industry has shifted but the core values remain the same. “Even though we get inundated with a tremendous amount of information technology wise, you know, I can go look up information and I get a million hits. It doesn’t tell me how it impacts me. It’s so important for the real estate professional to know how it impacts the consumer and what they do best to serve that person.”
Attendees also received the opportunity to meet the actual brokers and owners of the local offices along the Coast and ask questions about joining their team.

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