Reaction to Republican Runoff Debate

It’s a tight race when it comes to the Republican Gubernatorial Runoff between Bill Waller Jr. and Tate Reeves and last night they got the chance to sway voters their way during a televised debate.

News 25 spoke with local political consultant Howie Morgan about the debate. Morgan says the major take away from each candidate was how Reeves kept saying how he is against the plans Waller puts forth while Waller focused on solutions to the problems, both pushing forward their idea that they are ‘the conservative candidate.’

Morgan also mentioned how their opposing views on Medicaid expansion could be a major factor for voters.

But ultimately what it will come down to will be who gets more supporters out to vote.  “It’s all about voter intensity. Can they get their voters to come out one more time and they want to use these issues and momentum and advertising to say guys we need you one more time on Tuesday and whoever has the best job of doing that. GOTV: get out to vote. Getting them to come out on more time, that’s going to decide the election.”

Remember, even if you did not vote in the primary election, you still have a chance for your voice to be heard next Tuesday.

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