A ray of light as the Pascagoula Senior Center reopens

Brighter days for those 55 and older in South Mississippi. The Pascagoula Senior Center reopened this week. It’s brought a ray of light to some local seniors who feel like they’ve been in the dark since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Pascagoula resident Ray Carr said, “It’s devastating. I’ll tell you what pickleball was my favorite sport up here, and that kept us busy, and I enjoyed that, but since I’ve retired. Other than that, we have nothing to do but sit.”

Carr has been active here at the Pascagoula Senior Center since it opened 12 years ago, but he’s seeing a ray of light with recent openings, namely the one here at Pascagoula’s senior center where he and others are tending to this garden. “This is a lot of work. You need to do something every day, if you don’t do anything but talk to them.”

Just like people, especially our seniors, who are among the hardest hit by COVID, but new doors are opening here at the senior center literally, including this latest edition: a library set up during the COVID shut down. Pascagoula Senior Center Assistant Director Mary Cooper said, “They’re excited to see it because it’s something that’s completely different than before the pandemic. They just love being able to access their favorite authors.”

The Pascagoula Senior Center plans to add to their existing programs. In less than three weeks, seniors can perch outside the facility during a new bird watching class. “The first bird watching class is March 30th, then we’ll continue on Tuesdays, indefinitely. We have about 80 species of birds that have been located.”

Plenty of other activities for those 55 and older to choose from since the center opened this week. City of Pascagoula Public Information Officer Katarina Luketich said, “It’s something City Hall got a lot of calls about – when were we going to be able to reopen the Senior Center, and it’s a tough decision when you’re trying to mitigate safety, and having something for people to do all at the same time, but at the state we are at right now, with the vaccination rates increasing and our COVID numbers falling to such low levels, we felt now was the perfect time to reopen the Senior Center in a safe manner, and make sure that we can create that quality of life that we all love here.”

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