Rare Whale Species Wash Ashore

The staff at the Institute for Marine Mammals Studies in Gulfport is working around the clock to bring two beached whales back to life.
Yesterday, a fisherman found the rare melon-headed whales washed ashore in Waveland. Institute President Dr. Moby Solangi says the whales were clinging onto their life. They are suspected to be at least 200 miles away from their natural habitat, which is in deep waters.
The two male whales are now swimming on their own but this was not the case last night. “These animals had lost their orientation,” said Dr. Solangi, “They could not swim, so we had people 24 hours a day holding them in the water so they could get their orientation. As you can see that has paid off. They are now swimming. They have been treated. Veterinarians have looked at it.”
Dr. Solangi says the whales should make a full recovery and the federal government will decide when and where they will be released.

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