Ralph Johnson sails away

This morning, the guided missile destroyer Ralph Johnson sailed away from Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula.
Last November, the destroyer was delivered to the U.S. Navy. This ship is named to honor Ralph Johnson. He was awarded the Medal of Honor when he hurled himself on an explosive device in Vietnam, dying instantly, but saving the life of others.
For Master Shipbuilder Freddie Joe O’Brien, after 46 years of experience, this ship was the last guided missile destroyer he will work on before he retires. “More sense of responsibility. My team had a key part in building this ship and the 113 and the 107 and the 105. So, the responsibility and the feeling of pride is much, much different than it was back then.”
Ralph Johnson had only been in Vietnam for a little more than two months when he was killed at the age of 19.

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