Rally for Recovery

Addiction, substance abuse, and mental health issues take a toll on more than just the person suffering. The effects of these habits extend to loved ones, friends, and the community as a whole.
That is why Greg Bufkin of Elroi Ministries felt that it is only fitting that the community gather to celebrate and rejoice over the many people in recovery. He put together the first Ocean Springs Rally for Recovery at Marshall Park.
Bufkin tells News 25 their goal is to raise awareness about addiction and mental health issues. “The real reason we are doing this is so that people can go to various information booths that we have set up. Sometimes it can be hard to walk into the doctor’s office or a counselor’s office and find out what’s going on. This is kind of a low pressure way to get people to come out, have fun, get something to eat and maybe ask questions about mental health stuff and addiction and get an answer without really feeling like you are putting yourself out there.”
The event was being held in conjunction with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Recovery Month.

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