It’s raining cats and kittens at the Humane Society of South Mississippi

The rain has moved out, but it is raining cats at the Humane Society of South Mississippi. The shelter is calling on the community to help.
Furry felines have taken over the Humane Society of South Mississippi in Gulfport. Litters have been pouring in with boxes and cages full of these furry friends. Gulfport Animal Control Officer Chase Blackwell said, “We brought in, I think, 16 cats yesterday from two different litters.”
Just this past week, the Humane Society of South Mississippi has received over 40 cats and kittens and is in desperate need of foster parents. HSSM Development Manager Katie King said, “Fostering is not a lifetime commitment, but it’s a commitment to saving lives. It usually lasts around two to six weeks. It doesn’t cost anything. We’ll provide you with everything you need. If you foster a whole litter of kittens with their mother, she’ll pretty much do all the work for you.”
You can also help out by donating kitten formula, cat kennels, and blankets.
The Humane Society wants everyone to know the important thing to do when they find a litter of kittens. “Their immediate reaction is to come and take them to the shelter, but really what they can do is spread some flour around them in a circle and wait for a couple, two to three, hours to see if the mother comes back. If they see paw prints then she’s coming back to care for her kittens and that’s really the best thing for them, to get the care they need from their mothers,” said King.
All kittens that find their way to the shelter must find a foster home within 24 hours. Once they are old enough, they’ll be up for adoption to find their fur-ever home.

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