Rain Reveals Hidden Message on Sidewalks

The rain expected this week doesn’t have to put a damper on summer fun. It could reveal hidden messages on the sidewalks in Biloxi.
With the help of the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce, local artists have put their mark on the sidewalks of Biloxi, but you might not see them until it rains.
Artists painted quotes and bits of poetry with a special type of clear paint that repels water, so the words are only revealed when wet.
You can find these works of art at the corner of Caillavet and Highway 90, right outside of City Hall, and on the sidewalk near the Half Shell Oyster House just to name a few. Biloxi Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tina Ross-Seamans said, “We really hope it will make people smile. With everything bad that’s going on, you see it every day right up in your face. This is something that’s just kind of a surprise. ‘Hey, read me.’ Stop and reflect.”
Elizabeth Englebretzen with Gulf Coast Community Design Studio said, “It’s just been fun. It’s supposed to be inspirational. It’s supposed to give people kind of a break from their everyday and give you pause to think.”
So far there are about 12 messages spread out around the city. Once completed, the chamber says they hope to have around 25.

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