Public Meeting to Be Held for Belle La Vie

Before the Biloxi City Council votes on a zoning change that would allow for a large housing development in Woolmarket, there will be a public hearing on the issue to clear up more questions and concerns from the council and the public.
The council was set to vote on the zoning change today, but members of the council say there are too many unanswered questions about the 22 phase project to make an informed decision.
Developers for Belle La Vie hope to attract 12,000 to 14,000 new Biloxians with this projects. Residents of Woolmarket believe certain issues need to be addressed before a development this large comes to the area. Woolmarket Resident Jennifer McRight said, “Such as the multi-family housing, the roads, which are very narrow, that need to be widened first. Drainage needs to be in place before construction and also the impact on the Harrison County School System.”
Residents News 25 spoke with say the idea of a public hearing is great news and they’re happy to see the council is eager to hear their concerns.
The date, time, and address of the public hearing is to be determined, but officials say it will be held in about three weeks.

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