Protest for Peace in honor of Reginald Johnson

It’s been over a week since the fatal officer-involved shooting in Biloxi that claimed the life of 48-year-old Reginald Johnson and community members are now asking for more information on the investigation.

Family and friends of Reginald Johnson organized at the site of his death in a Protest for Peace, hoping to find more answers about his death. Friend of Reginald Johnson Larry Wilborn said, “He just was a good person, and he didn’t deserve that.”

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, a sheriff’s deputy made contact with Johnson on January 15th following reports of a disturbance outside the Harrison County Courthouse in Biloxi. Johnson allegedly displayed a knife and advanced on the deputy, who then fired at Johnson.

Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene while the deputy sustained injuries and was treated at a local hospital.

Organizers of this protest say they simply want to see footage of Johnson’s death to provide closure for the family. Friend of Reginald Johnson Anthony Lewis said, “Just come with the tape, that’s it. It’ll soothe a lot of spirits out here.”

Friends of Johnson urge law enforcement to help the community understand the circumstances surrounding his death. “If y’all are upstanding law-abiding citizens, or cops or whatever the situation may be, just show and prove what you got to prove.”

Closure some say is desperately needed. “His family hasn’t gotten their closure yet, and that’s all we want, is just closure for his family.”

Once MBI concludes their investigation into the shooting, the findings will be forwarded to the local district attorney’s office.

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