Proposed funding cut for film industry in Mississippi

With budget cuts left and right, government officials put the state’s movie industry on the chopping block.
A measure that would have extended a filmmaking incentive, created in 2004, died in the Senate Finance Committee. Many believe the program is one of the main reasons more movies have been shot in the state over the past couple of years. The measure granted filmmakers a 25 percent tax rebate on out of state workers.
However, a recent state-conducted study revealed that Mississippi was only earning 49 cents on each dollar invested. Local filmmaker Ronnie Blakeney said, “We’ve got people that are becoming more and more trained. We have people taking interest. We have the ability to not only give them the landscape and the real estate to work on, but also the people, the skills, and that’s growing more and more in the state of Mississippi. The incentive is to be here.”
Currently, the state has about 14 productions scheduled for the beginning of the year. If filmmakers file the necessary paperwork in time, they could still receive those incentives just in time for July.

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