More projects underway in the City of Biloxi

From Margaritaville to residential properties, the City of Biloxi continues to dish out projects to be on the lookout for.

For example, most of you know Margaritaville reopened earlier this month, however, construction has resumed for the parking garage. Once that’s finished, work on the amusement park will continue.

You will start seeing construction on the courtyard for the new Martini’s Downtown Bar and Restaurant.

On top of that, residential properties continue to thrive in Biloxi. City of Biloxi Community Development Director Jerry Creel said, “We’ve got 21 residential subdivisions that are blowing and going. We have 141 houses under construction right now with several new subdivisions that are coming in or extra phases of existing subdivisions that are opening.”

Construction on Josette’s, the old Mardi Gras Museum, and two new restaurants, ‘131 Lameuse’ and ‘CB’s Jamaican Jerk,’ are also things to keep an eye on in the upcoming months.

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