Progress made on ‘Launching Pad’ honoring Biloxi native Astronaut Fred Haise

The City of Biloxi has started progress on a tribute to one of its most famous native sons.

Workers from the city’s engineering department started constructing the structure that will honor Biloxi native and Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise.

Known as the Launching Pad, it will be situated in between the Biloxi Lighthouse and Lighthouse Pier. The eight-foot base is designed after the style of a Saturn V rocket and a statue of Haise will be placed atop that base. Mayor FoFo Gilich says it is a fitting recognition for one of the world’s foremost explorers. “The whole world was standing still, the day the Earth stood still. Well those days that Apollo 13 was trying to struggle back home, had to go around the moon, had to use every piece of ingenuity you could. Probably half the world was telling them how to survive this and they did and so we’re real proud to pay tribute.”

The City of Biloxi will hold a virtual unveiling of the Launching Pad on April 11th, the anniversary of Apollo 13’s launch, which will be streamed on the city’s website.

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