Procession held to escort fallen Bay St. Louis police officers

Following the funeral for Officer Branden Estorffe and Sgt. Steven Robin, police officers and other guests at the funeral held a procession escorting the men to their final resting place.

Hundreds of police cars lined up outside of the Bay St. Louis Community Hall this afternoon as they waited to help escort the bodies of Officer Branden Estorffe and Sgt. Steven Robin.

Once the funeral ended, the officers made their way to their vehicles where they waited for the procession to begin. Arkansas Highway Police Officer Marc Winkler said, “We do our job like everybody else does, and we come together when it turns bad, and we are a family and they’re not alone and family comes to help family.”

Once the procession began, residents from Bay St. Louis and all across the Coast lined up along the route to pay their respects to the fallen officers who helped protect their communities. Kiln resident Natalie Plouffe said, “My dad knew Branden. He worked with him, and we came out to support the family and our community and you know be here with my dad.”

Some onlookers were amazed to find that some of the cars in the procession came from all over the country from places like Ohio, New Jersey, and New York, showing that bond these men and women have. “It’s one big brotherhood. It’s one big family. You know, when one falls they all fall, so the support is astonishing to see from all the different counties and states.”

The procession concluded at the Gardens of Memory Cemetery where the two officers were laid to rest.

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