Prissy the Pitbull is looking for a forever home

In January, on a freezing night in Gulfport, a Pitbull was found on the side of the road giving birth. Her puppies have found a home and now the mother is looking for a warm home of her own.
Prissy the Pitbull’s home is now the Humane Society of South Mississippi. The mother of seven puppies has had a rough 2018. Humane Society Director of Operations Dawn Boob said, “She came into the shelter on January 2nd, actively giving birth in freezing cold weather.”
Two of her puppies passed away. However, since that cold winter night, the remaining pups have found a warm place in the hearts of dog owners. “These puppies have been adopted. Now, Prissy is now available for adoption.”
A few months ago, Prissy would fuss at staff members, acting protective when it came to others caring for her pups, but now “she’s a healthy happy dog and will do great in anybody’s home.”
Prissy has come a long way at the society. Even with her puppies finding new homes, she’s managed to stay strong. “There is not any animal really that ever keeps their own puppies. People may keep one or two, but dogs are pretty resilient and adapt very easily.”
After suffering on that cold winter day, Prissy’s search for a new home is heating up. “Although it wasn’t such a great start to the year of the dog, it’s starting to turn out to be a much happier time for her.”
If you are interested in adopting Prissy or any other animal contact the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

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