President Hopeful Mark Everson on the Coast

If you’re following the nearly two dozen candidates vying for the GOP presidential nomination, you may have forgotten Gautier resident Mark Everson is one of them. That’s because he’s been left out of debates and has been pretty much ignored by national media. However, Everson plans on continuing his campaign and today sat down with News 25 on his short visit home to the Coast.
He was the first Republican to announce his candidacy in March, but has been practically invisible ever since. Mark Everson is being left out of debates and is non-existent in the polls. Despite the uphill battle for the GOP nomination, he’s marching on with his campaign. “This country was founded on the longest of yards going up against the British Empire. You’ve got to try. You do your best. I’m at peace with this effort,” said Everson.
With experience in the Reagan and recent Bush administrations and service as IRS commissioner, Everson’s resume is impressive but he continues to be overlooked by the national media. In a race seemingly centered on Donald Trump, Everson tells News 25 he correctly predicted Americans wanted an atypical candidate and believes he fits that mold. “I’m not a politician. I don’t have years of dealing with special interest groups, so nobody owns me. I’m my own man. I’m doing this because I think it’s the right thing for the country.”
Some of Everson’s platforms include tax reform and confronting the lawlessness of big banks. As he continues working to spread his message through Iowa and New Hampshire, he has a good support system in his family here on the Coast. His youngest son, Oliver, continues to encourage him to push forward. “Everyone has points where they’re good and Dad, he’s already had that,” said Oliver, “So, I think if he keeps on going, he’ll move up and everyone else will move down.”
Heeding the advice of a wise seven year old, Everson is hopeful in the coming months the candidate pool will thin and he’ll be able to push himself to the forefront. “The hope is some people stumble and it’s already happening that the media and others will turn around and say ‘who is this guy, Everson? He’s actually saying some interesting things, let’s give him a whirl.’”
Everson says he’s getting great feedback from the people of Iowa and New Hampshire, who like his ideas and tell him to stay the course. With that encouragement, this non-traditional candidate, currently an underdog, continues to push to become the next leader of the free world.
Everson will be back on the Coast on September 11th to cheer on the Shuckers with his family and encourages the people of the Coast to introduce themselves and see what he’s about.

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