Prescribed burn on Deer Island

If you see smoke over the Mississippi Sound near Deer Island, don’t be alarmed.

The DMR planned the burn for the 134 acre section in the central portion of Deer Island. The fire started to blaze at 10 a.m. and could last up to six hours. However, officials tell News 25 some of the trees could smolder for much longer.

The DMR does these types of prescribed burns in areas to conserve and make room for new wildlife. The last time Deer Island underwent a prescribed burn was in 2016. Melissa Scallan with MDMR Public Affairs said, “The purpose of this prescribed burn is to get rid of trees and underbrush and things of that nature on the island so that the natural vegetation can grow on the island. Every time you have a storm there are more trees that fall or there are more things that wash up on the island.”

This portion of the island will be closed to the public during the burn and MDMR officials are encouraging residents and tourists to stay off this part of Deer Island for at least a week because dead trees will continue to give way and fall after the burn is complete.

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