Preparing for ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’

The 18th annual ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’ is drifting into the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

Hundreds of hot rides are rolling up to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’ this weekend. Mississippi Coast Coliseum Executive Director Matt McDonnell said, “This will be the 18th year for ‘Scrapin’ the Coast.’ It’s the biggest car show of this kind anywhere really in the southeast. You’ll see the most unusual rides. This is the place to be Saturday and Sunday.”

This year event organizers are proceeding with caution and numerous safety measure are in place. Temperatures are going to be checked coming in, face masks will be available and plenty of hand washing and sanitation stations will be provided. ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’ Event Official Eric Kendrick said, “We want everybody to feel comfortable. We want to space things out a little more than we normally do. We just ask everybody to be patient so we can get everybody in here to have a good time.”

As of Wednesday, over 1,000 tickets have been sold. McDonnell doesn’t see a big crowd interfering with social distancing. “We will monitor that as people come in. When you sit on 37 acres you can handle a lot of people.”

While the economic recovery continues, officials say ‘Scrapin’ will still be an economic driver for the area. “Yeah, the traffic does get a little bad, but mainly because of the amount of people trying to see this event. We’ve been doing this for 18 years and it gets bigger every year.”

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