Preparing for Mother’s Day

Even though COVID-19 may be throwing a wrench in your Mother’s Day Celebration it doesn’t mean you can’t still make your mother feel the love from a safe distance.

“I’m shopping for my daughters-in-law because I have some wonderful daughters-in-law.” But whoever that special lady is in your life, employees at Joy’s Hallmark Shop in Gulfport are working around the clock to make sure residents have the perfect words or gifts to share.  Store Manager Beverly Anderson said, “We just got in a shipment. So we had to hurry and kind of get those in and get those on the shelves so we would be ready for today because we expected this weekend to be really big. These are a lot of our Hallmark gifts up here in the front. We also have a new supply of Willow Tree in and we have some new religious things in and just lots of things like that that people like to buy for gifts for Mother’s Day.”

The shop, which has the largest Mother’s Day card selection on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, just reopened its doors last week. Terri Eaton says she’s thankful because getting her gifts online wouldn’t be the same for this special holiday. “It’s just something about being able to pick it up, open it up, look at it, touch it, and kind of feel it. There’s something about that and not wondering what it looks like, will it look like what I thought it was gonna look like when it gets here.”

Beverly Anderson is the store manager and she says making sure customers have a safe shopping experience is a top priority. “We sanitize. We have the wipes to sanitize the counters. We have the hand sanitizer that’s 99.9% alcohol that we use and we have one on the counter for the customers to use. We try to keep our distance as much as possible and we haven’t really limited people coming in the store but it hasn’t been that many to where we have to limit yet.”

With Mother’s Day set aside to honor motherhood and to appreciate mothers and mother figures, Eaton says celebrating the occasion is something she looks forward to each year. “My mother hasn’t been here for 36 Mother’s Days. For a long time I wasn’t very happy about Mother’s Day. It was a difficult time, but when you have other people who were special to you who are mothers, who have been wonderful mothers, you know your mother gave you the ability to be able to love other mothers.”

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