Preparing for Flooding

Gulfport city officials and residents that live in recently flooded areas are paying attention to the weather and preparing for the worst.
While residents have been prepping their homes and personal property, the city has been focusing on addressing the issues highlighted by the April 28th flooding. Public works teams have been clearing ditches and working on drainage requests in areas of concern, such as around O’Neal Road, the Pine Hills subdivision, Loren D. Heights and the Turtle Creek subdivision.
Chris Vignes with the City of Gulfport said, “Also if you have debris pile up, make sure that you’re not blocking a storm drain. That’s a lot of the problem that we see is that people will take the limbs and put them out by the street, but make sure you’re not blocking the way for the water to get to the actual storm drains. Again, if you have any issues that are non-emergency, simply call 3-1-1 on your cell phone. That’s a service that we provide for the City of Gulfport and that’s for non-emergencies. If you have something that needs our attention, call and we’ll get it in the system and get to working on it.”
Public works crews will be out monitoring and clearing clogged drainage throughout the week as long as it is safe for them to be out.

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