Preparing for an Active Shooter Scenario

In D’Iberville, the police department is preparing citizens for one of the worst scenarios they could imagine being caught in: an active shooter situation.
Forty-five people attended a presentation at City Hall as officers went over active shooter scenarios that could occur as well as a few infamous cases that have taken place, including the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings.
Officers use what they call the alert training system to help prepare citizens to avoid, escape from, or even prevent an active shooter scenario.
Lieutenant Shannon Nobles said, “When a tragic event happens, a lot of times people find themselves in that situation and they’re stressed and they don’t think of a plan of what to do. A lot of this is mental scripting of what do in this situation. It’s a national training that we’re implementing. We went to the training and now we’re implementing it in our community. The chief mentioned several times that we want to empower our citizens.”

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