Being prepared in an active shooter situation

It’s something that’s hard to talk about, but the Biloxi Police Department says it is something that everyone needs to be talking about: active and mass shootings.

There have been more mass shootings than days in 2019. According to, there have been 289 mass shootings as of September 3rd which is the 246th day of the year. “We’ve had phone calls or reports of people making threats and stuff like that, but I think that has been just everywhere really. Every time there is an incident you start to get what they call copycats.”

Sgt. Chris Keckler with the Biloxi PD has spent the last three years of his life teaching the community how to survive active shooter situations. “Have a plan. When you go into public places know where your exits are, know what you would do if there was a disaster that happens right now.”

It is important that if you find yourself in an active shooting situation you try to remain calm and think clearly, something as simple as locking your door could save your life. “The whole purpose of the shooters is they want to get as many kills as they can, they are going through as quickly as possible and trying to get as many deaths as possible. Just locking the door can hopefully be enough to prevent them from getting to you and they will move on.”

The Biloxi Police Department provides active shooter training free of charge for any businesses, schools, or organizations.

To schedule an active shooting training class with the Biloxi Police Department, contact the station directly.

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