Prayer service for police, fire, and city workers in Biloxi

Even though none of the students at Nativity BVM Elementary in Biloxi were alive when Katrina hit, they still paid their respects and took part in a prayer service this morning to thank first responders and city leaders who put their life on the line 13 years ago during the storm.

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller tells News 25 after Katrina hit, first responders set up a tent city in the back of Nativity BVM for over six weeks.

The auditorium was used to store supplies coming from other states and they even had a hospital tent set up to take care of citizens in need. “It was a tough time for this school. It was a tough time for first responders, a tough time for everybody on the Coast and up and down the Coast. I am glad it is just not forgotten. We have never worked so hard in our life as first responders as we did during that time,” said Chief Miller.

Nativity BVM Principal Sister Mary Jo tells News 25 the school was back in session for at least three of the weeks that first responders were using the campus.

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